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About This Character

Example lines said by Athena Cykes:
  • The presentation intrigues me. Shooting metaphorical bullets at your opponents to reveal the truth. Much more exciting than simply pointing and presenting evidence.
  • Mark Henry, youre a food expert, right? Tell me, where does this receipt come from? It saysTotally Tuna.
  • Alright let's do this Cykes is on the move!
  • Objection! Hold it! Take that!
  • Alright Mr.Wright im finally ready to take on the courtroom!
  • Hey thanks! So um...is this an orange or a tangerine?
  • Objection! Hold it! Take that! (with authority)
  • Cracking? N-No, my voice isn't cracking! Nerves of steel, here, I tell you!
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