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About This Character

Example lines said by Arngrim:
  • What!? I don't fight for money. I'm a mercenary because I enjoy it. Same as you, right!? I don't give a darn about expressing myself or whatever.
  • [in thoughts after realizing that Angela he met earlier is in fact disguised Princess Jelanda] (I insulted that girl's father in front of her. Of course, I didn't mean to. I just wanted to show what kind of coward the King is. What I did wasn't wrong. But But a daughter can't help but love and honor her own father. Is there any child that would not feel anger at seeing their sire made a fool of...)
  • [still in thoughts but this time he finds out that Lombert have been playing dirty tricks all along] (Lombert was playing two hands. He knew the abduction would be discovered, so he sent some medicine along with the search party If we made it all the way to Villnore, no problem. But if we were discovered, the cavalry would use the medicine... He knew the princess would be unconscious if she was found. The medicine's effect was as you see. The princess became a monster, and afterwards, all were dead. Perhaps even the princess...) [after Badrach runs off the scene] (Maybe he made the right choice. I don't know, But, I wasn't going to run. Even on the field of battle. I'd never felt like this. Lombert... I'm going to kill you! But what will become of Jelanda...)
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