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About This Character

Example lines said by April O'Neil 2003:
  • Well, nothing can be any worse than high school... am I right?
  • Tonight, Casey, you're going to do something besides hitting people.
  • You know that's not muted right?
  • Okay, lets see.That guy standing all still and quiet is Leonardo.The one studying that bug is Donatello, and the one gorging himself on lettuce is Michelangelo.Oh, and the feisty one is Raphael.
  • Are you saying i've got wimpy arms? I'm teasing you Casey.The advice really helps-thanks
  • So, let me see if i have this straight.You Guys were once small, normal turtles, but now through some kind of mutation, you're way bigger, can talk, and are ninjas. And your father is a giant talking rat who-also a ninja- was kidnapeed by a giant cat.
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