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About This Character

Example lines said by Applejack:
  • [Morphing Call] HONESTY!
  • Element Ranger, Blue!
  • My sister! We gotta find her!
  • How in the name of Celestia does he do that?
  • Shucks, we should try to get him up here more often.
  • (Singing) Raise this barn, raise this barn/One, two, three, four/Together, we can raise this barn/One, two, three, four/Up, up, up, go the beams/Hammer those joints, work in teams/Turn 'em round quick by the right elbow/Grab a new partner, here we go!
  • No, listen to me, Twi. Me, Fluttershy, we...we ain't unicorns, yeah? That whole lecture of yours flew over heads, but Rarity? I-I think she understood. Well enough anyway that you really put a fear into her....She told me she couldn't sleep, you know. That she was scared for ya. Only reason I asked her to come along with me to the tower was because I saw the lights under her door.
  • Not really, no. She's takin' this real hard, Twi. Known her all my life and this is the worst I've seen her shaken up. *sigh* I know you never intended for this to happen, but... I think you two need to have a talk when she wakes up, and don't get me wrong, not just about what's happened here tonight, but the past two months. A real serious talk.
  • Controlled anger and concerned - You see this, Twi? Maybe I'm stubborn, but this is you being too goshdarn impatient to realize that we want what's best, too! And do you honestly think Celestia hasn't thought of this either? I don't.. Applejack gritted her teeth and took a deep breath. If you're leavin, go ahead and do it. I might not look it but I'm at the very edge, so please do not push me anymore.
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