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About This Character

Example lines said by Apple Bloom:
  • Yeah good luck on that ya'll.
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  • Well, that doctor idea sure didn't work out. Messier than I thought, too.
  • Gee, that's great! You can be in our show if you want to!
  • Where's Sweetie Belle? We can't do Act I without her!
  • Well, that doctor idea sure didn't work out! Messier than I thought, too.
  • (Singing) Babs Seed, Babs Seed, what we gonna do?/Got a bully on our tail/Gotta hide, we gotta bail/Babs Seed, Babs Seed, if she's after you/Gotta run, we gotta flee/Gotta hurry, don't you see?/Babs Seed, Babs Seed, she's just a bad, bad seed!
  • Ya still can't fly, can you?
  • I dunno, Scootaloo. I don't think that's the problem.
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