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About This Character

Example lines said by Aoi Asahina:
  • Introduce yourself as Asahina, or if the song you're singing has spoken parts that works as well.
  • Okay maybe I'll go... But only if there's a pool there!
  • Sakura-chan c'mon! If we don't get there in time they might run out of strawberry frosted!
  • I haven't gone swimming in like, two days. I really really need to be in a pool.
  • It's gotta be some special arrangement!! Because it's a special school!!
  • (sniffling) I know I shouldn't cry... but I can't take it anymore... Let's eat some donuts... maybe then I'll feel better...
  • What... why won't you guys try to understand Sakura-chan's situation?!
  • What, you've never seen this before? They say when you want to remember someones name, you should write it on the palm of your hand three times!
  • ... She'd say something like that, wouldn't she? I think she'd definitely say something like that.
  • So, I... Yeah. I decided!! First thing I'm gonna do is hit up a donut shop. I'll think about my life after that
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