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About This Character

Example lines said by Anna:
  • *It is cold in the morning and Anna is shivering and having a conversation with Elsa*
    Speak f-for y-yourself Are you laughing at my misery? Thats just cold (laugh) No pun intended. But you gotta admit that was very punny (giggle)
  • *The house has been overcome and you've been separated from Elsa. Your scared and afraid*
    Elsa? Where are you? Mr. ghost? (let out a shriek of fear and an umph. In the scene the house shakes and you fall) I guess you don't like to be called that. Please don't hurt Elsa..or me (whisper or me)
  • *They are about to erase your memory again and your crying, a very touchy scene*
    Please no. You cant do this she's my sister! It wasn't her fault Dad! It was- (gasp) Elsa! Elsa! (your grabbing her hand) no matter -matter what. I love you, forever and al-always (trail off and make slight sigh as Anna passes out unconscious)
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