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About This Character

Example lines said by Aleksandr Granin:
  • These bastards will live to regret this. And when they themselves
    become the targets of my creation, they will know my true greatness.
  • But I won't be used so easily. No, no crying myself to sleep. For you
    see, I'm going to send these documents to my friend in the United States.
  • Hey! You're not thinking of going
    to Groznyj Grad? Are you mad? It's an impenetrable fortress!
  • Put that thing away. You'll spoil my drink. So, you're the intruder everyone's talking about. Typical capitalist dog - no manners.
  • You mean you've never heard of me? And you call yourself an agent. Very well, then. I am Aleksandr Leonovitch Granin. A man of some importance if I do say so myself. I am the foremost weapons scientist in the Soviet Union and the head of the glorious Granin Design Bureau. This is the Order of Lenin. It is an honor of the greatest magnitude given along with the title of hero of socialism, to only the finest workers. It was awarded to me in recognition of my brilliant contributions to society. Since the Great Patriotic War, I have created countless weapons in the service of our great communist society. It was thanks to me that we were able to stamp out the Nazi scum. It was I who created the basic design for the mobile ballistic system you know and fear as SS-1C.
  • It is a revolutionary mobile nuclear missile system, a bipedal tank. Are you familiar with the theory of the missing link between apes and humans? Well, this technology will be the missing link between infantry and artillery. A kind of metal gear, if you well. And this magnificent metal gear will make a revolutionary step forward in weapons development.
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