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About This Character

Example lines said by Akio Furukawa:
  • Ugh...Screwed that up...
  • I was recommending Sanae's bread to one of our customers and she said it was inedible. Sanae overheard it and got upset. [Picks up a bread and shows it to Tomoya.] We call this one a Rainbow Roll. [Spins around, poses with the bread as the bread starts to glow.] Feel the rainbow!
  • Little coward! Alright, then...I'll just have to tell her myself...By landmine...What I'm talking about. [Grabs one of Sanae's squid bread] IS. SANAE'S BREAD!!!!! [Akio doesn't notice Sanae entering the bakery.] [Runs out of the bakery with Sanae's bread in mouth.] NO, WAIT! I LOVE IT! SANAE!!!
  • ( angrily ) What's that?! ( confused ) A boy you say?
  • ( happily ) I feel like I've been waiting for this all my life! The day I could finally have a drink with my daughter!
  • ( rapping ) Brother that's whack! I better take that rap back!
  • You said something you shouldn't have. *angry* You should've just said it was delicious and eaten it. Where's your sense of duty and charity?! I swear you kids these days. You have no manners at all. Truth is always cruel if you just shove it into her face. How pitiful! People livin' around here eat her pastries saying they're good. It's an unwritten rule! It's the law! So you have to follow it too. You got that, wise guy? I'll beat you to such a pulp, they won't be able to recognize you! Huh? Hey kid, you're wearing the exact same uniform as our daughter. You wouldn't by any chance happen to be a friend of Nagisa's? *happily* You should have told me sooner, numbskull!
  • *dramatically* So, you call yourself a man? Well if you really are a man, you should grab the girl you love and run. Of course, there's no way I'd let you have her!
  • Sounds like a sissy's name to me. Why don't you change it to Ginga Okazaki?
  • (( EP 20 ))
    By that point, her temperature had gone down and I figured I could just come home after I finished my work for the day. It was just two hours ... just to short hours, but Nagisa had gone outside to wait for us to come home. I thought that God was punishing us for being so selfish. He was taking Nagisa away because we were too busy worrying about our own dreams to focus on our child ...
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