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About This Character

Example lines said by Akane Tendo:
  • Ranma, you pervert!/ Ranma you jerk! (Mad)
  • I'm Akane.... You wanna be friends?
  • Who are you calling a TOMBOY???
  • Hey! Don't mock my sister, you idiot!!
  • (Angry but kind to Godai) Grrrr PUT HIM DOWN! Oh Mr. Godai are you alright? I hope that mean jerk Ranma didn't hurt you too badly.

    (Irritated but understaning) Well Ukyo I suppose I can't blame you for wanting to introduce yourself to Mr. Godai at a time like this, Ranma should really learn how to control his temper.
  • (Concerned) Shinobu I knew she came to school today but for some reason she seems to have disappeared shortly after I first noticed that she came to school today. It really wouldn't be like her to just cut class so something must be wrong here; I better get to the bottom of this.

    (Angry and Scolding) Nabiki! Can you actually show any compassion for once?!
  • (Worried) Oh Ryouga you really should be more careful out there I mean you know that I am worried about you.

    (Romantic yet concerned) That look on Mr. Godai's face, he seems to be looking at the Manager with that smile on his face. Oh I see Aww Mr. Godai is in love with the Manager! How sweet, this reminds me of Dr. Tofu whom has a crush on Kasumi. I wonder if I should help Mr. Godai? Hmm I should probably try to see what I can do with Dr. Tofu and Kasumi as I haven't fixed Dr. Tofu's problem yet though.
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