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About This Character

Example lines said by Aikuro Mikisugi:
  • (In class) Uhh, excuse me... We're in a middle of class. / Is that a friend of yours, Miss Matoi...? Well, um... You can sit next to her, I guess.
  • (Actual Identity; Smooth and Sultry) Now now, scratch my back and I'll scratch yours, Matoi Ryuko--help us against the Kiryuin Tyranny, and I'll tell you all I know about the Divine Garments.
  • (Proudly) We are the fearless, liberal organization that will put an end to humanity's polyester bonds! We will not be tied down by the threads of fate designed by the stuffy fabrics of doom! We are NUDIST BEACH!
  • Today, I return to my unadorned self! As one of the unclothed warriors of Nudist Beach who do battle against the threat of Life Fibers: a Nudist Beach Splendid Naked Officer, Mikisugi Aikuro! Let's begin!
  • I'm going to use the Naked Sun's final trump card: the Great Naked Blade!
  • Come with me. I gave you my word. It's time to tell you everything.
  • Ryuko Matoi?
  • She's wearing armor!
  • I am really suited to be the prince and be with Ryuko-san.
  • They're just excited to meet you Ryuko-kun! You look beautiful in long hair.
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