How to Draw Attention to my Casting Call

Tips gathered from 25,000+ casting calls published so far on

1. Pay Your Voice Actors

Even if you're dishing out $5, a paid project is the first thing voice actors look for on the site. Paid work is the first thing moderators look at in order to recommend projects to some 60,000+ voice actors on CCC. It really pays to pay your actors

2. Get recommended by moderators

The moment you are recommended by a mod, the visibility of your project goes up.
  • If your project is paid, CCC automatically emails thousands of people about your project. Gold members even receive an email within the hour.
  • Your project instantly stands out in the "Recommended Only" tab. It's better to be listed among ~50 great projects than ~1000 good ones.

3. Promote Yourself

The best way to get noticed is to let people around you know that you're creating something. Tweet about it, share it on Facebook/Tumblr/YouTube/Twitch/whatever you prefer. We've seen projects go from 0 auditions to 900 auditions with just a single Reddit post.

Some of the stories of voice actors emerging from CCC to fame are astonishing. Take Lord Frieza for example:

This guy went from 0 to 50,000 subscribers in less than a year making Casting Call Club auditions and turning them into YouTube videos.