CCC Team

Humble folk dedicated to the voice community

Buford Taylor


[email protected], Silicon Valley veteran, Techstars alum, dad, almost funny

Buford is responsible for the vision and strategic growth at Casting Call Club. He currently directs the technical roadmap as well. Educated in Computer Science, Buford joined Eventbrite as their 3rd engineer in 2009 in San Francisco. Since, he's gone on to lead two other startups as CTO in London and LA. He's an active angel investor and advisor in startups.

"Wherever you go, you'll be there"

John Wang

Managing Partner

Founder @ Voicedubz Studios

John is the founder and audio director of Voicedubz Studios Ltd., a recording studio that specializes in international voiceover services based in Calgary, AB. With over 10 years experience in the audio industry, John has managed a large range of projects for companies such as Microsoft, DIRT environmental, and United Airlines. He is fluent in Japanese, Chinese, and English, and has directed recording sessions for over 23 languages. John holds a Bachelor of Commerce with a minor in music production from the University of Calgary

Joe Goffeney


Professional Voice Actor, Part-Time College Student, Lover of Cats and Cuteness

Joe is currently the head of the education department at Casting Call Club. He loves working with people of all different walks of life, and has a passion for voice-over and the world of acting. He is so grateful to have stumbled upon the voice-over community, and cannot wait to continue this journey with all of the incredible people he has met

"Sincerity and the correct use of the voice are the greatest things in the art of acting."



Community Manager, Video game addict, Streamer, Aspiring VA

Jessica has been moderating different communities for most of her life, always wanting to help people. She found casting call after deciding she wanted to pursue voice acting and figured that it would be the best place to help out as it combines her love of people and voice work. She spends her days playing video games and streaming when she isn't busy dealing with people.

"Do you know what a Cinnabon is? It's bread! And frosting! And cinnamon! They heat it up! Really hot!" -Barry B. Benson

Alex Evans


Site Assistant, Landlord Agent, Single <3

Alex provides support on Casting Call Club through moderation, be it Audio Quality Verification, behavior monitoring, etc. He also assists with website growth by providing feedback and refinement of the strategic roadmap. Working in the Residential Leasing market since 2010, Alex draws upon his experience - drafting and executing private contractual agreements and maintaining long-term client relations - when working on the site with Buford and the rest of the team.

"Not to be confused with Alex Jones"

Alex Brodie (A.K.A Brodie)

Brand & Quality Control C3tv

Brand & Quality Control C3tv, Content Creator, Voice Actor, Canadian

Brodie makes sure the standards of the brand are upheld, and leading the team to create top quality content. Prior to joining the team, Brodie has worked with major institutions in Canada helping to strengthen their Brand with his experience as well as his voice. Brodie’s niche as a Voice Over Talent has been in, but not limited to, the corporate world: tutorials, explainer videos, promotional content etc. He is currently diversifying his talents and learning how to animate.

"Manners Maketh Man" - William of Wykeham (1324-1404)

Chad Fischer

Business Development, C3TV

Professional voice actor, US navy submarine veteran, father, technician, visionary, socialite

With a background in radio, Chad has been doing voice over for 10+ years. His experience in sales and marketing make him strong in creating connections and brokering partnerships with other companies. He has worked costumer service, security, electrohydraulic and pneumatic technician, a voice actor, stand up comedian and radio on air talent. Chad is CCC's Jack-of-all-Trades.

"You are always your greatest impression."

Lasli Tran

Project & Audio Support

Project verification and audio verification bird. An aspiring voice over, audio engineer and gacha game trash.

Started doing voice over at age 13 and found her love for audio engineering shortly after, she adopts this new name in hopes of building a professional background. She dabbles in many other hobbies such as singing, video editing, directing, illustration, writing, and music composition. She has hosted several projects and leads a voice acting group that is still active after 2 years. When she’s not working on her craft, you can bet she’s playing some gacha games on her phone and screaming at failed pulls or crying at cute bird videos. You’ll never find her true identity on this website.

"I’m just a birb that screeches into the mic for money.”

Yenni Ann

Center Stage Host and Instagram

HR & Marketing, Twitch host, Voice Actress, loud Cuban lady.

When she's not spending time taking pictures of her cat, Yenni is working as CCC's Twitch Host and sending Buf emails about HR stuff. Focusing her studies on employee motivation and performance, Yenni loves to help people find what their made for - and in the process, found herself in the VA community. From voice acting on the weekdays, to dancing professionally on the weekends, Yenni has become a jack of all trades in the corporate world as well as in the Arts.

"Do you want to see a meme I made of my cat? It's funny, I swear."


Project Support

Project verification, dedicated voice actress, aspiring opera diva, and depressio espressio

Starting from voicing in YouTube animations from age eleven to voicing in visual novels, Emily has been an involved and dedicated part of the voice acting community online since 2011. Emily is responsible for the verification of projects on CCC.

"Please don't judge me"


Audio Support

Audio verification lord, New Zealander, Voice actor, Young, Mostly harmless

Jeromy is responsible for sorting through and dealing with the majority of audio verification requests at Casting Call Club. He currently resides in the wonderful (yet inconveniently far away) land of New Zealand where he is currently a student. Alongside this he is also the youngest member of the team and exceptionally adimate about making voice acting into a career.

"Don't believe me? Ask the dishes!"


Did a Twitch stream once

Twitch [email protected], Video Editor, Moderator, Professional loiter

Liam helps to run the CCC Twitch channel by streaming various games or setting up bots for others to use. Outside of CCC, he edits comic dubs for Kyotosomo, and is going to The Art Institute of Seattle for Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. He has a love for fostering and helping to grow communities, which he achieves through interaction and moderation. He also sits around a lot.

Alex Steinke

Graphics Designer

"Self-proclaimed font master has worked in the print industry for over 10 years. Alex has a BA in journalism with a minor in gender studies which has been absolutely useless in her career as a graphic designer. This gypsy is resourceful and can troubleshoot anything you throw at her. When not on the Hackworth grind, she enjoys travel, wine festivals, judging people at the State Fair and underwater basket weaving. She has a SWEET awesome dog named Flynn and a husband named Aaron; he's ok. This cornucopia of knowledge is an asset to Hackworth and doesn't mind tooting her own horn. TOOT TOOT MF"

Can I add personal quotes? "If you're good at your job, you're allowed to be weird and I'm pretty good and weird." - Madam Alex Steinke, Esq. III

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