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Started voicing 15 years ago for a chain of McDonald's restaurants. Addicted ever since, despite being less-skilled at VO than most.

If you've ever bought a ticket on Eventbrite, you've used software Buford has written. If you've ever had bloody ears, you've probably listened to Buford's voice acting.
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25% Voice Actor, 25% YouTuber, 25% Engineer, 25% Computer Scientist, 100% Awesome! He's the ultimate voice acting machine! Kyo is striving not only to do well in college but also to be active in the Voice Acting Community as well! One of the ways he does this is by moderating at Casting Call Club! He also runs the Online VAs United Discord!

Feel free to reach out to him here:
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An amateur Voice-Actor seeking to reach professional status, Magic Al is a frequent member of Casting Call Club ever since August 2016. Striving not only to improve himself, he is also working diligently with the team of moderators to take the CCC site and members to new heights.

"Best of luck on everything you do!" - Magic Al
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Joe Goffeney is a professional voice actor who started on Casting Call Club! He started in the summer of 2016, and is absolutely loving the field of Voice Acting! He looks forward to helping make CCC a better place and doing what he can for the amazing people on the website.

He also likes cats. A lot.

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