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I am a Artist, Writer, and Producer
WarningI'm not mainly a voice actor or too active on CCC, I mostly go on here to cast people willing to work for free (including me, I can't gain or offer a budget) with me or to postpone my main project at the moment.
Education status: Currently, I'm in highschool. I have experience with theatre as well as being self taught in my spare time.
Pitch: I'm a pre-op trans male, but I'm comfortable with my voice range and saying it.
I can do soft and high-pitched female characters, high-pitched girls in general and medium-low pitched girls as well as children whether male or female. I'm trying to lower my range so if I audition as a male but my voice is pitchy, I understand. 
Characters I know I'm good at voicing: Ash Ketchum (My own version), Chiaki Nanami, Mikan Tsumiki, Himiko Yumeno, Sakura Oogami, Rarity, Amythest, Garnet, more to come.
Franchises I'm invested in: Defin...
Speaks: english
Accents: irish (dublin)
Voice Description: child female teen male teen
Search all 8644 producer stand up comedy profiles