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Victoria Stam for Shibuki

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Role assigned to: SeiyuuGirl

Shibuki is a really great Ninja, but sort of accidentally? She is well trained, confident, and lives and breathes the Ninja way of life. So much so that she insists on doing everything as "Ninja" as possible. She Ninja Cleans. She Ninja Crochets. She Ninja Pees.
This should make her sort of terrible at being a Ninja, but she pulls it off. She's determined, upbeat and fun, with just the right amount of snark and coyness to make her a brilliant conversationalist. It's like all other Ninjas are doing it wrong. And she won't tell them, because she's nice and also it means she can kill them if she wants to.  We imagine Shibuki being funny and unguarded with her thoughts, and unhindered from saying whatever's on her mind. And often - what's on her mind are Ninja puns. God does she love Ninja puns.

  • Stay back! Or I will use the most ancient of all ninja techniques! "Sticking the pointy end of the knife in you!"

  • What do you mean Ninjas don't wear pink? We wear whatever we need to to blend in. And I want to blend in with cake!

  • Yesterday I threw a smoke bomb and accidentally hot boxed my target's apartment. We wound up playing video games and eating a durian. Weird day!

Victoria Stam
New Characters for Crush Crush - Looking for Anime Game Actresses
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