Ethan's Story !NEW CHARACTERS!

Ethanr1222 for Gavin Adkins

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Gavin Adkins
Role assigned to: Ethanr1222

Gavin is a main character 

bit about him

Realname:Gavin Adkins
Hero Name:Malov
Backstory: Unknown
Powers: SuperHuman Strength

Realname:Gavin Adkins
Villian name:Malov
Backstory: Use to be friends with Ethan but then found out he "killed" his father he thinks he did kill him and he won't listen to reason so he contiunes to hunts
Powers: SuperHuman Strength

Real name :Gavin Adkins
Villain Name:Form
Backstory: gets symbiot that's from space
Powers: can shape shift into anything, can camouflage, and has fire and spider-powers

at first he was a hero then he became a Villain

  • Ethan you really need to get a watch your always late

Ethan's Story !NEW CHARACTERS!
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