Flatmates (Male VA Needed)

Ethanr1222 for Mathew (Austalian Accent)

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Mathew (Austalian Accent)
Role assigned to: JLMoutray

Mathew is one of the few flatmates that live together and he is Australian. He has somewhat of a deep voice and is generally a nice guy. He does however, have a strange addiction to all things tuna.

  • "O (pronounced like a very short "Oh" similar sounding to "uh") you know what I mean though ,ay?

  • "Oh (not pronounced like "O" above) good on ya mate, but cunt, honestly, I'm flat out like a lizard drinking" 

  • " Cunt, Gotta grab me tuna for brekky"

Flatmates (Male VA Needed)
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