Ocarina of Time: English Dub - A 20th Anniversary Tribute

Victoria Stam for Kotake

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Role assigned to: arden


[NOTE: It's highly recommended that actors auditioning for either Kotaku or Koume should audition for both roles.]

Kotake, along with Koume, collectively known as Twinrova, are a recurring pair of 400 year old Gerudo twin witches. They are also known as the Sorceress of Flame and the Sorceress of Ice, respectively. They are among the more devoted servants of Ganon, as well as the surrogate mother to Ganondorf. 

Character traits should include: Snarky, crabby/cranky, malevolent, malicious, hostile

  • Maybe we should make her work for the great Ganondorf for a little while longer! Ho ho ho! Then we should brainwash her again! Hee hee hee!

  • With my frost, I will freeze him to his soul!

  • [As they’re dying / flying away] We’ll come back to haunt you!

Victoria Stam
Ocarina of Time: English Dub - A 20th Anniversary Tribute
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