My little Investigations Case 2

AceAzycrdfz for Uncle Orange

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Uncle Orange
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Just like Aunt Orange, Uncle Orange carries himself with a very uptight and strict personality. He shares the same pride in Manehatten and disdain of the country as Aunt Orange. His pitch is about average for most stallions. His accent is similarly upper-class Manhattan-style accent. He has a similar amount of lines as Aunt Orange in case 2.

  • (Full of passion and excitement.) “Ah yes, Manehatten. This is
    indeed THE place to go for ponies looking to refine their knowledge and
    fuel their motivations – a true birthplace for the Equestrian dream!”

  • (Happy and then transitions to slight confusion.) “Applejack! So nice to see you. And who are these, er… COLORFUL bunch of ponies accompanying you?”

  • (Dismissive, patronizing tone.) “Tsk, tsk, I really think that living in Ponyville has taken its toll on you, Applejack. You truly ought to come live in a place like this. Become a more… cultured pony.”

My little Investigations Case 2
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