My little Investigations Case 2

afro-witch for Masquerade

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Role assigned to: icyfire888

This waitress, Masquerade, carries herself with a normally apathetic attitude. Though she never outright shirks her duties at her restaurant, she doesn’t take her job too seriously either, and appears to be sleepy most of the time. But being sleepy doesn’t mean she’s a quiet one. She enjoys conversing with the guests since that gets her to stop thinking about her boring job. Her voice is in the midrange of the female spectrum. She plays a minor role in Case 2.

  • (Slow paced line, but still is an attempt of a lazy pony trying to do her job.) “*yawn* …Oh, um, hi. Can I, like… take your order, or something like that?”

  • (Excited. Sound engaged in whatever conversation she is about to enter, then bored when talking about her job.) “Oh, hey, yeah, of course I got time to talk about that! This place is pretty *yawn* quiet, anyway. Haven’t had a customer in the last, like, hour.”

  • (Back to her tired self. Not as slow paced as the first line.) “Say, um, Mr. le Grand? Do you think I could, like… head home early today? ‘S so slooow today…”

My little Investigations Case 2
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