Rise of Lazalis: A Starcraft II Project

Kiyority for Lt. Eskara

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Lt. Eskara
Role assigned to: Emily Kerwood

Young and idealistic, Lieutenant Eskara was nothing more than an academically gifted student before joining Ms. Lazalis, completely devoting herself to her beliefs and doing anything she can to further their goals. Her voice would preferably not be deep.

Voice description:
  • female young adult
  • general american
  • No war is decided before it's fought! We have a chance, no matter how small of one it might be.

  • Is this really the best way, madam? I mean, these are civilians we're talking about...

  • There's no going back anymore! We will win here, or we will die here!

Rise of Lazalis: A Starcraft II Project
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