Shattered Souls - Supporting Cast

Skye Redden for Joslyn - Snarky, Sassy Servant

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Joslyn - Snarky, Sassy Servant
Paid: Flat Rate 20 USD

Joslyn is a minor supporting character that appears in one of the routes. She's snaky, sassy, and knows what she wants out of life.

Best example for this character's tone, voice and attitude is "Princess Ting Ting" from Mulan 2. 

  • Us ladies? We’re just dogs.

  • Apply for the royal palace? Like they would want slum rats like us.

  • Well, whoever you are, don’t cause us trouble. I don’t want to die for your screw-ups.

Skye Redden
Shattered Souls - Supporting Cast
Eternal Love Studios, LLC.

You are invited to the final round of auditions for this character as well!

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