Past Pretense

AJ for Voice Actor - Mallorie

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Voice Actor - Mallorie
Deferred: Profit Share
Role assigned to: AJ

Supporting Character  A colleague who works for Heather. Mallorie has a brilliant mind and believes in the work Heather is doing. Knowledgeable and is deeply involved in the expedition and investigations alongside Heather. Studied at Oxford, her father has provided large donations to Heather’s work. 

  • english
Voice description:
  • female young adult
  • english (british)
  • (skeptically) Isn’t that some sort of urban legend? Secret Keepers of ancient Egypt?

  • (Chuckles lightly) And let's not forget the popular narratives. It's not easy to rewrite textbooks, reconfigure curricula, and manage the fallout of shattering widely accepted truths. A discovery of this magnitude is not just about updating history—it's about dealing with a global paradigm shift.

  • (concerned) Are you okay?

Past Pretense
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