Past Pretense

John Kennard for Voice Actor - Ahmed

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Voice Actor - Ahmed
Deferred: Profit Share
Role assigned to: VCKidVA

Supporting Role  A well-informed individual with connections in Cairo. He is resourceful, knowing routes and methods to access secure locations. He carries a slightly mysterious aura about him, having "eyes and ears everywhere". Studied under Doctor Hassan at Cairo university. 

  • english
Voice description:
  • male adult
  • arabic
  • (determined) Sadly not. We now live in a world where we must break the law to find the truth. However, I know a route through the undercity that can get us inside the Depot Warehouse where they are being stored.

  • (Smirking) And then there's the black market. Ancient artifacts, relics - they're worth a fortune to the right people. Unearthing a civilization far more advanced than ours? That's not just history, it's a goldmine. Some folks would kill to keep a treasure trove like that to themselves.

  • (as he's working the lockpick) The Warehouse was built on top of an old granary, the basement had access to these canals for shipping grain up and down the Nile. Like many things in this region, it was forgotten with time. As long as we are careful, and quiet, this entrance will remain undetected.

John Kennard
Past Pretense
John Kennard
John Kennard

Forgot to say: Two takes - first younger and more energetic, second older and more serious. Many other variations possible, of course!

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