Past Pretense

Clark Soon for Voice Actor - Dylan

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Voice Actor - Dylan
Deferred: Profit Share
Role assigned to: Ethan

Supporting Character Heather's friend, who has a technical background. He's equipped with tools and devices to help with the investigation. Dylan's curiosity and skills are instrumental in the group's quest. He has a light-hearted nature, often providing comedic relief, but he's also invaluable in the practical application of their mission.

  • english
Voice description:
  • male adult
  • all american accents
  • (panicked) Help! Heather, I need your help right now! They're coming to get me.

  • (teeth clenched as the emotions of the situation finally catch up to him) You think I don’t know that? Jesus Christ, Heather, it was like Seal Team 6 just stormed into my apartment to nab Bin Laden.

  • (chuckling) Me? Ha, I'm not sure I could fund the 4 of us a meal at McDonalds.

Clark Soon
Past Pretense
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