Jawbreaker (2023)

echs Incognito for Faceless Speaker

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Faceless Speaker
Role assigned to: Tom Demont

The "Faceless Speaker" is a member of The Faceless Gang that speaks through the intercom system of the building your in. He taunts the protagonist, gives updates, and threatens others members for not catching you yet. He's the voice of the gang and in control of everything through a network of speakers and cameras, a bit of a homicidal radio host. As for inspiration: Deep, controlling, one of the gang leaders, the voice of Nod from Command & Conquer is an idea (example) though obviously not a robot, all-in-all I'm open to ideas for the Faceless Speaker as I haven't found the right tone for it yet.

  • Attention everyone, we have an intruder…first one to bring me his peeled off face gets double rations this week

  • Attention everyone, one hour to sundown. If that intruder isn’t chopped up immediately I’ll lock the bunker and let them kill you all!

  • Holy hell, stop jerking off and kill this scumbag! (growing angry the Protagonist hasn't been caught yet)

echs Incognito
Jawbreaker (2023)
echs Incognito

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Discord: echs Incognito#2668

Email: [email protected]

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