Jawbreaker (2023)

Maganda Marie for Radio Woman

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Radio Woman
Role assigned to: Maganda Marie

The "Radio Woman" is another member of your group that talks to you while you look for supplies, she is late 30s or early 40s. Life in the Jawbreaker world is tough, so she may sound a bit more on the rough side. (This role is still being worked on quite a bit, may end up larger throughout the development of the game) 

  • I know I didn’t say it back at the shelter, but thanks for volunteering. Technically it’s my turn to look for supplies…

  • No, but we’re out of everything from food, medicine, ammunition…and this place is our best chance. Just be back before dark (after Protagonist asks if the area is safe)

  • You need to get back to the shelter, now! If you're still out when the sun goes down you're fucked (panicking because 'they' come at sundown, the reason society has collapsed)

Maganda Marie
Jawbreaker (2023)
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