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AliyaAmor for Burger Garrett

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Burger Garrett
Paid: Flat Rate 25 USD

Burger is a cheerful yet dumb child who happens to be his sister's lackey. He loves people and making friends and helping out. He's an absolute dimwit. Burger usually ends up being the follower of Lauren's plans as her sidekick, usually with wacky results.

Female voices are preferred as we are trying to go for the cartoon vibe where an older female actress is voicing the boy character.

  • Hey sis, what'cha watchin? Is it anything cool? Huh, huh?

  • You know sis, I've been thinking about this issue that's been goin' around my mind lately. Why doesn't Odie talk while Garfield can?

  • Aye aye, sis! I'll have it done faster than a chiropractor chiropractating at Cairo! Those are real, right? Chiropractors?

LWBiverse Cartoon Shorts
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