LWBiverse Cartoon Shorts

Liam Chessell for Narrator

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Paid: Flat Rate 25 USD

The narrator serves to provide snarky commentary to whatever's going on sometimes. He doesn't like Burger and Lauren. He takes the time to make fun of them knowing he's protected by the fourth wall. Imagine the Powerpuff Girls narrator if he was a jerk.

  • The city of Dicksville! Home to psychopaths, nymphomaniacs, degenerates, overall scum and worst of all, our main characters Burger and Lauren. Those two are sure to be planning something today.

  • Unknown to the twins, their antics has caused the town's dam to burst! Now the animators are gonna have to animate all this water. God damn indeed.

  • These two really are dumb. See you next time.

Liam Chessell
LWBiverse Cartoon Shorts
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