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Kelvin_AudioVA for Peasley Jones

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Peasley Jones
Paid: Flat Rate 25 USD

Peasley is Sunny's boyfriend. Coming from a family of farmers who named their children after whatever they harvested the day they were born, Peasley is the true brains of Sunny's operation, running the plans especially when Sunny gets distracted by her archnemesis. Every now and then, she hangs out with Pepper and they swap stories about their respective idiots.

  • Alright, so if we send our troops out front to distract the guard, we can sneak in through the back, and you can (sigh) finally win the claw game at Pizza Paulie's

  • Relax, Sunny. We're on vacation and whatshisname isn't here to ruin our fun.

  • Sunny, no! You just have to enter the password and we'll be done, you can go fight that kid later!

LWBiverse Cartoon Shorts
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