Mary Jane / Companion / Fallout 4

annafaye for Mary Jane - Companion - Dialogue

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Mary Jane - Companion - Dialogue

Voice Characteristics:

Language: English

Accents: Open to a wide range of accents.

Age: 20's

Gender: Female

Personality: I feel she could be anyone right now and the dialogue is open for change if the Voice Actress feels it necessary for better flow. 

Approx 3,100 words / 255 lines

  • (Player kills Marys hostile captors)

    1. Thanks for the help, I was just about to light one up before I was grabbed by these losers. Take a hit if you wanna sweetie. 

    Player - Who I fall for is my decision. And I've fallen for you. 

    2. I've fallen for you too. I love you and can't thank you enough for the wine, it's my favorite and reminds me of better times. 

    (Idle comment when player sparks a joint)

    3. Pass that my way before it's finished, don't think your getting high without me.

  • Pick 3 -

  • Instructions: Choose 3 lines to read, so I can get a feel for your voice for Mary Jane.

Mary Jane / Companion / Fallout 4
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