Life Of Ichiko: 日常!Casting Call

Erin Culpepper for Ida Hoshi Sakamoto

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Ida Hoshi Sakamoto
Paid: Flat Rate 90 USD
cast offsite

  • Ida is the deuteragonist of Life Of Ichiko

  • Ida is 18 years old.

  • Ida is a clumsy, bubbly and light-hearted girl.

  • Ida is Ichiko's best friend.

  • "Ichiko-senpai! Hey, Ichiko-senpai!"

    Happy & Bubbly.

  • "It was crazy, there was a bunch of sounds like CRASH- CRKKKKK, BSSHHH!!"

    Descriptive & Childish

  • "Wait a minute...that means...all the popcorn I can eat!"

    Slowly coming to a realisation & Happy.

Erin Culpepper
Life Of Ichiko: 日常!Casting Call
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