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Voice Actor
AWACS | Dragoman |
Role assigned to: kelseypoppen

Dragoman (Pronounced Drag-Uh-Men), is an air-borne tactical coordinator relatively new to the mercenary scene, with a background in computer hacking and questionable handling of finances. Accused multiple times of fraud in the timespan surrounding the Cascadian Conflict, she takes a contract with Morgan Security to establish herself legitimately. She's undoubtedly a schemer, but her plans for monetary gain never take precedence over the safety of those she works with or the completion of the mission. Her previous experience even lends itself well to her field work, capable of slicing into and deciphering enemy transmissions and movements.

While having her moments of mischievousness, and a quirky approach to standard military procedure, Dragoman is a professional and straight-forward AWACS operator when push comes to shove. Smooth, slightly devious, charismatic tone. If there is an accent, preferably European, but all are applicable.

Age: Early to Mid 20s

  • [Dragoman's aircraft arrives and flies high above the clouds in the middle of a heated battle] (She urgently calls out for any surviving allied forces, but slips in the last question in the same tone *just in case* she can trip somebody up.) 

    "This is the Airborne Warning and Control Systems Aircraft Dragoman entering the AO! All Morgan Security elements, what is your status? And if possible, your social security numbers!"

  • [As allied fighter squadrons fight off enemy opposition, Dragoman records her thoughts about her new co-workers] (While she retains a professional demeanor, it slightly cracks as she over-exaggerates the shifting of blame to her compatriots, in an almost childish tone.)

    "And so my career, before it even fully starts, enters its twilight years overlooking these...professionals. If I get shot down and someone finds this recorder, I want to make one thing clear. We did not lose because of *me*. We lost because they're *bad*. They're bad, and they probably smell weird."

  • [A certain member of Wyvern squadron casually drops a nuclear weapon to wipe out the last enemy armored division. Overkill is an understatement.] (Each member of Wyvern and Blaze have their own shocked reactions, but Dragoman, being so high up, is not phased by it. Adding a tinge of sarcasm along the way before giving up and putting it in plain terms. She speaks relatively quickly at the end.)

    "Oh...OH!-I mean, uhh, 'oh my god, a nuke, that's crazy!'- I'm like ten kilometers in the air, it doesn't really affect me if I'm being honest."

PROJECT STARLIGHT - Iron Oasis [Flight Game Machinima]
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