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Devin_DK for Max Lobo

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Max Lobo

Age 32

Nationality: American 

Voice sample: Here

He’s a former column writer, and served some time in the military, he is Ash’s brother’s best friend (they went to war together). He cares about seeking the truth and will go to any lengths to make that happen even if he has to go against the mafia. He is one of Ash’s greatest allies. As the story progresses he grows to become a father figure to Ash and cares for him as a son.

Traits: loyal, caring, strong-willed, outgoing, hard-worker, brave. 

Accent/Voice: He has a Midwestern accent. As for his voice I'll leave it open to your interpretation.

  • Wassup Shunichi! Long time no see man! ...What’s with the long face, Charlie?

  • Eiji is a strange boy. He’s pretty darn plain, if you know what I mean. He's a really nice boy, but that’s it. For better or for worse, he lacks personality, unlike Ash. He has a strange power though. He comforts the people around him. He’s the exact opposite of Ash.

  • [angry] Wait! Touch them and I’ll put a bullet through your brain! 


    [To Ash, teasing] That supercomputer brain of yours runs a little slow when it comes to Eiji? Algorithms awry? Not quite the same kind of "stuff" as unraveling political conspiracies, eh?

Banana Fish English Fandub
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