Overwatch (Awesome VAs Needed) [ComiSquad]

JasonGoldFalcon for Reaper

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Role assigned to: rcullenmichael

Voice Guidance from Overwatch Manager: Do not just growl into the mic like he’s Christian Bale’s Batman, his voice isn’t as deep as people like to pretend it is, the most important thing is to not get too "growly" and to study the way he carries his words, he elongates them often. He usually sounds irritated or threatening, hardly ever a middle ground.

Voice Reference

  • Introduce yourself. Why do you want to be part of CS? What are your dreams and aspirations? Hobby? Professional or for fun? Etc.

  • 1- What are you looking at? I don’t sing. I will not.

    2 - The Reckoning draws near. 

    3 - Overwatch… I’ll put an end to your sad story.

    4 - Nevermore.

  • 5 - If it lives, I can kill it.

    6 - You know what? You just made the list.

    7 - Jack Morrison took my life. I lost my body, my team, and my mind. And now, I’m going to take him out… to Applebees with my son, Torbjorn.

Overwatch (Awesome VAs Needed) [ComiSquad]

Dude, you don't suck at all XD that was amazing.



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