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Purpura Sims's Previously Completed Works

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    About Ghost Town | Sims 3 Machinima Movie

    Hey!!!!!!! Mal aka Purpura Sims it's here! :)

    Welcome to the casting call for Ghost Town :D My first Machinima Movie AND WITH VOICES!!!  

    I count on your support! I'm quite passionate about this project. It emerged in 2019 and I have had it saved until today! :')

    Plot (Inspired by the anime Angel Beats!)

    Audrey is a young woman who wakes up in a forest without remembering how she got there. She doesn't know the place and her memories are blurred. She only knows her name and her age.

    When she begins to be chased by strange monsters, a young man calling himself Lex rescues her from it and informs her that they're in Ghost Town, a town where ghosts or souls and unclean spirits coexist and try to find peace. Audrey insists that she's not dead and she'll do whatever it takes to get back to her life before.

    Genres: Sobrenatural/Horror/Fantasy/Drama/Romance


    -Leave your Discord account as a means of contact

    - Respect the deadline to submit your lines. I understand that when this project begins it'll be a bit of a busy time for everyone. But advising or requesting an extension doesn't cost anything! However, I'll probably give you 2/3 months for you to record your lines. Some characters will have a lot of dialogue!

    - IMPORTANT! This series will talk about current problems, such as addictions, discrimination, racism, homophobia, etc. Although it'll not be something that goes too deep, it'll be something that builds several characters here. If you have problems with this, DO NOT audition!

    - Good audio quality - clear microphone and clear speaking voice (all accents are welcome).

    - Be able to show emotions (angry, cry, scared, scream, breathing, etc.......).

    - Agree on adult content (swearing, violence, murder, etc.).

    - Files uploaded MP3 only

    - Ability to re-record lines as needed.

    - You can change the form of lines if you think they'll sound better. Also, many of you know that my mother tongue is not English, so if you think there's an error or better expression to say what I request of you, it's also welcome! As long as you don't completely change the context of the dialogue

    - Most of the dialogs here maybe can appear or be modified a bit. I want to notify you of this because I'm still modifying the original script and there may be minor changes!

    - This is Machinima Movie. That means that it'll not be divided by episodes nor will you have to spend a thousand years with me. This movie will only consist of a single video with a duration of 1h or more! :)

    - I want people committed in this. I understand that bad luck and misfortunes exist, but I don't want you to join in this and then give me a thousand silly excuses to leave the project. I take this very seriously. I want people who are committed, responsible and confident that they'll be able to do their part!

    -If you don't want to audition here for any reason, you can do it in one of my other contact methods. However, I'll require that you have discord account so I send you the script and other details!


    E-mail: [email protected] hotmail.com (without space)

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/PurpuraSims

    About the Creator: purpura-sims

    I'm Mal, aka Purpura Sims. I have been doing "machinimas" since 2014. I also  do animations. I don't have much to say, just invite you to my channel if you haven't seen it yet :D

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