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The sound of Sonia's phone ringing woke her from sleep. She lifted her head sharply, causing a painful crick in her neck. She cried out and let her head fall face-down back onto her pillow. She rolled over, slow and groggy, toward the sound of her phone. She reached out clumsily with her right hand and grabbed her phone. Through squinting eyes, still blurry with sleep, she managed to see that it was her colleague, Emma. She accepted the call and pressed the speaker button so she wouldn't have to hold the phone up to her face. Lying on her back in bed, she dropped the phone onto the blankets covering her chest and cried out in an exaggerated and exasperated voice, "Whaaaaat?"

"Um, is this a bad time?" she could hear Emma asking through the phone, sounding taken aback.

"What time is it?" Sonia muttered, rubbing her eyes.

"It's almost noon," Emma said pointedly, as if it were obvious. "Were you asleep?"

"Emma, I don't have to come in til two today. Why are you calling?" Sonia whined.

"Sorry, I'm just so bored. You should come in early!"

Sonia took a long pause before saying slowly, "Emma. You work at a sex shop. There are ways to keep yourself entertained, if you know what I mean."

"I am so tired of sex toys, I need the real thing."

"Bitch, you've only been working there for two weeks. Are you trying to tell me you've already sampled every toy in the store?"

"Didn't I say I was bored? Come on, just come visit me. You don't even have to work. There's no customers, anyway."

Sonia rolled her eyes and sighed before saying, "Fine. But once your shift ends, you've gotta buy me lunch, got it?"

"Yes, totally, I'll do anything. Just hurry, before I die of boredom!"

"All right, bitch, keep your panties on," Sonia chuckled as she hung up the phone. As annoyed as she'd probably sounded, she really didn't mind. Emma was adorable and impossible to dislike, and as they had gotten to know each other the past few weeks, they had become good friends. Sonia liked to talk shit, and Emma had no problem taking it in stride. They were both very different people, but despite that they worked well together best free manga
only were they different in personality and demeanor, but they were both physically on opposite ends of the spectrum. Emma was thin and curveless, and Sonia was heavily overweight with a proportionally huge bottom and enormous sagging breasts that were each bigger than her head. She could feel every pound of her weight as she laboriously rolled herself to the edge of her bed and got to her feet. She was completely naked, and her weighty breasts hung down over her fat belly, stopping just above her belly button.

She made her way over to the bathroom to take a shower, stepping into the bathtub as she let out a huge, prolonged yawn. She turned the water on and closed her eyes for a moment as the first splash hit her massive chest before running down her stomach and legs. She wasn't pregnant yet, but knew she was only going to get bigger once she was. She'd had an appointment yesterday to test for pregnancy, and had tested negative. She'd undergone the insemination procedure again and would have to return the next week to see if she'd conceived this time around. The longer it took, the happier she was. She was in no rush to grow any bigger.

As she let her mind wander in the shower, she realized that her roommate and partner, Chris, was probably at her own appointment right now. Sonia remembered them talking about Chris's early appointment yesterday before they'd had sex and fallen asleep together. Since there had been no naked Chris lying next to her in her bed when she woke up, Sonia figured she must have left while she was sleeping. It was yet another pregnancy that Sonia would certainly be happy waiting for.

Chris was very petite, and Sonia didn't want her body to be totally distorted by a big pregnant belly just yet. Fortunately, since the first day they met one another, they had been having sex practically nonstop, and there would certainly be plenty more time for that before either of them ballooned up. Sonia impatiently rubbed her vagina with her hand as if to slow the sudden tide of horniness that had been brought on by thinking of her attractive roommate.

She finished her shower and went through the process of drying off, getting dressed, and cleaning herself up to go into work. Unfortunately, there were no bras that fit her enormous breasts. The Valantsian Empire shipped in clothing manufactured in the Capital to every District, in all shapes in sizes. But there were only four bra sizes manufactured, A, B, C, and D, A being the smallest and D the largest. The bras were made of extremely flexible and comfortable material, allowing them to fit most women's breasts as if they were custom-made for them. But Sonia's body and breasts were so unusually large that even trying to squeeze them into a D bra was uncomfortable and looked fairly awkward. So she always went braless, making her already conspicuous breasts even more glaringly obvious to anyone who caught even a glimpse of her free sex cams
Although there was other clothing that fit her, there wasn't as wide of a variety as there was for more average-sized women. So she typically had to buy and wear several copies of the same shirt or pants. Today she wore her usual large black tank top, her perky nipples visible through the fabric, as well as an extra-large pair of blue jeans that actually fit her quite nicely and molded her fat bottom into a less saggy, more rounded shape.

She threw her long, brown hair back over her shoulders, sending a small shower of water droplets flying behind her. She picked up her keys and phone and left her bedroom, stepping out into the hallway and toward the living room. As she entered, she saw Chris sitting on the couch waiting television. She didn't look up until Sonia spoke. "Hey, there you are. Did you go to your appointment?"

Chris looked up, almost seeming surprised to see Sonia standing beside her. She had large brown eyes and a wide mouth, framed in a pale, thin face with a pointed chin. She had long brown hair that was currently tied atop her head in a sloppy, loose bun. She wore a long gray T-shirt that extended down past her waist. She was presumably wearing nothing else, as Sonia could clearly see her bare, slender legs stretched out across most of the couch. "Oh, hey," Chris said before turning her attention back to the pornographic movie she was watching on television.

There was an awkward moment of silence before Sonia asked again, "So...did you go?"

"Oh, yeah," Chris answered this time.

"How'd it go?" Sonia asked, feeling somewhat concerned by Chris's detached demeanor. She walked to the front of the couch and plopped down beside Chris, sinking into the cushions.

Chris looked over, unfazed. "It went fine," she said. "I'm not pregnant, so they had to inseminate me again."

"Well, that's good. I get at least another week of skinny Chris before you pudge up on me," Sonia teased, playfully squeezing and pinching at Chris's sides. Chris absentmindedly waved her hand as she redirected her attention to the television screen, brushing Sonia off of her. "Something wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong," Chris snapped, a hint of irritation creeping into her voice. "I'm just tired, okay?"

"Me too, and I just woke up," Sonia said, trying to keep things light. She leaned over, resting her head and some of her weight on Chris's bony right shoulder. She reached over and rubbed Chris's bare right thigh seductively. "How bout we help wake each other up?"

Chris shrugged her shoulder, forcing Sonia's head off of her. She scooted over on the couch as she asked, "Can you just stop, please? I said I'm not in the mood."

Sonia was honestly shocked. She had an insatiable desire for sex at all times, one that couldn't even be matched by Chris. But normally when Chris was too worn out for sex or even something as innocent as cuddling or massaging, she was very polite and demure in her refusal. Even though she wasn't being outright rude right now, her behavior seemed completely cold and unfamiliar to Sonia, who was lost for words.

Removing her hand from Chris's leg, all Sonia could think to say was, "Sorry. I've got to go to work." She waited a split second for a response from Chris, but when there was none, she got up from the couch and headed out the front door.

As Sonia walked down the street to the sex shop, a million thoughts and emotions swirled through her head. She had always been very confident and simply wasn't used to being so flatly rejected, especially by someone who he she had gotten to know very intimately the past few weeks. She felt embarrassment, shame, anger, disappointment, and sadness, all at once and all throughout her walk to the sex shop. She recognized that she was getting worried over what was really a very minor incident, but something in her gut had made her feel very uneasy about their encounter.

She was so preoccupied it hardly seemed like any time had passed before she reached the sex shop. She walked in the front door, greeted as always by the familiar rows of sex toys, porn movies, and other miscellaneous items lining the walls.

"Catch!" she heard someone say, and before she could blink she felt something hit her, bouncing off of her stomach.

"What the fuck!" she spit out, caught completely off guard. She quickly realized that Emma, who stood behind the front desk, had thrown an absurdly large double-ended dildo at her. It lay in front of her feet, limp on the floor. She stepped over it as she walked up to the front desk, not bothering to pick it up.

Women in Valantsa were under the impression that dildos were created not from the shape of a male's penis, but from the shape of the inside of their vagina. This, of course, was only partially true, but was believed nonetheless, since women and men were kept completely segregated and ignorant of one another's existence.

Just as Sonia had sensed something was off with Chris, Emma seemed to sense the same with Sonia as she approached the front desk where she was sitting. Emma quickly dropped her playful smile and asked, "You all right, Sonia?"

Sonia made her way around the desk before answering, taking a seat in the clerk's chair behind it  best hd family sex  . Emma leaned against the counter next to where Sonia sat, her expression both curious and concerned. Sonia went on to relate to Emma what had transpired at her house before she'd left. Emma, who could be very kind and thoughtful, listened patiently without interrupting. Sonia was very upset, but tried not to let it show, playing things off as no big deal really, although the occasional wavering in her voice may have betrayed her true emotions.

Once Sonia was done talking, Emma placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Honestly, I don't think you have anything to worry about. You said she'd just come from an appointment at the hospital, right?"

Sonia nodded.

"Well, those appointments can be pretty exhausting sometimes. Mine certainly was." Emma had only had to be inseminated once, since she'd conceived the first time.

"Yeah, but it was more like the way she was talking to me. Like I wasn't even there."

Emma sighed and shrugged. "I don't know what to tell you. Look, I can see you're upset but I really don't think you need to be worrying or anything. I've seen how you two act together and you seem pretty attached. Like, very attached. Like, a little too much. It's kind of creepy."

Realizing she was just teasing her at this point, Sonia gave Emma a playful shove and laughed. "You always know just what to say, don't you?" she asked sarcastically.

"That's why I'm single," Emma raised her eyebrows and cocked her head to the side.

"Yeah, why are you single anyway? Sexy little thing like you, working at a sex shop. You should have at least ten different partners by now," Sonia joked.

"I'm holding out hope for you, babe," Emma said. "You know I can't resist boobs like that." She reached out quickly, giving the softest possible squeeze she could to Sonia's breasts before she could react.

"Hey!" Sonia snapped, feigning shock. She swung her arm around behind Emma and slapped her roughly on one of her buttocks, making a loud smacking sound. "You gotta wait your turn."

Emma giggled and blushed. The harmless flirting and occasional "grab-ass" was almost a running joke between the two friends at this point. Emma always tried to get Sonia to have sex with her, and Sonia always graciously declined. Sonia had never actually considered that Emma might be serious until that moment, but she pushed the thought aside, chalking it up to a symptom of her ongoing uncertainty about Chris's behavior that morning.

"You know what you should do," Emma said after a moment.

"Lick your clit? No thanks," Sonia shot back instantly.