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Yo! My name is Zach Douvris! A.K.A StarFishVA!

I love acting and doing voice over. I make parodies and other VA related content on my YouTube channel which can be found here :D 



I'll take money if your offering. But I mostly do this cause I like it.

I accept whatever prices are listed on casting calls but if pricing needs to be discussed, email me at [email protected]


Completed Projetcs

One Minute Melee - Paul VS Ken (HyperGauge)

As Ken

One Minute Melee - Gon VS Midoriya (HyperGauge)

As Midoriya

MMD Eggs (Mackinmeat)

As Raiden, Armstrong

MMD The Moon (Mackinmeat)

As Kaito

FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood Abridged Ep 1 & 2 (FMABA)

As Edward Elric

MMD Killed Again (Mackinmeat)

As Kaito

Overwatch Comic Dub Series (Comic Dub Paradise)

As Genji (All Versions)

Kontalia Abridged (Kontalia)

As Finland

Villianos FanDub Series (Mackinmeat)

As Black Hat (All Versions)

IrregularMENT at the Magic High School (TheDastails)

As George, Isori

Fairy Tail Abridgement (TheDastails)

As Max

Inuyasha's BS (Mackinmeat)

As Monk Miroku

Devil Survivor: Megami Tensei Christmas Special Abridged (Subby Dubby)

As Archangel

MMD This Meme Dead Yet? (Mackinmeat)

As Kaito

[Random Halloween 2017] Halloween Shenanigans (RandomYori)

As Elevator Clown

Meet and Greet - Persona Comic Dub (DannyDX)

As Yu Narukami

Persona - Old Wounds - Audio Drama - Episode 2 (Smooth Sage Master)

As Akihiko Sanada

Sailor Moon Parody (Mackinmeat)

As Luna/Cat

Link Is Lonely - Zelda Comic Dub (DannyDX)

As Link

You're Still Here - Comic Dub (DannyDX)

As Zombie Boy

Tone Down The Gay - Steven Universe Comic Dub (Mackinmeat)

As Cartoon Network Executive

More Of A Mentor - TF2 Comic Dub (DannyDX)

As The Director

MMD Thanksgiving (Mackinmeat)

As Finland

JoJo Halloween One Shot (Mackinmeat)

As Bruford

An Hour In - Comic Dub (DannyDX)

As Borderlands Player

Scawy Gawdmudda Abridged (PowerMadOtaku)

As Puss Puss, Scawy Gawdmudda

Corpse Party Tortured Fools (PowerMadOtaku)

As MineCraftKid69 

If Uno Was An Anime - Comic Dub (DannyDX)

As Uno Player

Re:Zero Abridged Episode 2: (Re)Spawn (TheDastails)

As Thug 1

Normad Best Anime Cracks: 2017 -Your Lie In April Skit (Normad)

As Doctor 

Black Clover Abridged Episode 2 (TheDastails)

As Register Guy, Dementia Kid

HiLo Games Animated Shorts (Pilot Games)

As Ox


"He da bomb diggity mannnnnn hes superrrr coolio. 10/10 VA and great friend to haveeee hire him immediently" ~Jay Levi

"Very good director... and also daddy af. 10/10 🅱️est boi" ~SenpaiFruit

Casting Calls and Auditons

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