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I'm an aspiring VA with the equipment to do the job, and the heart to make it come to life. I've been informed that I happen to have a talent for voice acting, and encouraged to pursue a career down the path of being a VA. I'm very confident in my ability to act, and I don't shy away from any advice or criticism.


Negotiable. Frankly, I'm living on the full-time student wage (which is to say my funds are slowly dwindling), so I'm probably not going to be too picky on pricing, I'm more focused on getting my name out there at the moment.


I'm currently doing some voices for a friend of mine and their project: Hyperglitch. Name subject to change, but so far I have yet to really find much work, aside from a brief stint for an FMA dub that was interrupted by my entrance into college life.


No testimonials so far. Once I get some clients, hopefully I'll be able to put a couple here.

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