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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

For any questions regarding Nathan's profile, or to discuss a project directly, feel free to message him directly at "Nathan.F.Hunt[at]".

Holding a wealth of experience in the voice over industry, Nathan has been cast in a variety of roles throughout his voice over career. Known for his versatile and energetic voice work, Nathan has been cast in rolls ranging from angsty hero to psychotic villain to innocent child. Further, Nathan specializes in making non-static action oriented dialogue sound realistic through his strong acting abilities.

Some examples of characters voiced:
- Enishi Satoru from Cardfight Vanguard G.
- Sakate Onigashira from Future Card Buddyfight.
- Melos Nekoto from Beyblade Burst.
- Sank Po from Enigmatis 3 Shadow of Karkhala.
- Naoise Red Branch Knight from Shadowverse.
- And many more...

Beyond Nathan's work qualifications professionally Nathan is:
- Consistent and Reliable: Prides himself in clear communication, ensuring he meets scheduled delivery dates with a quality product.
- Customer Service Focused: Understands the importance of ensuring the artistic vision of the customer is met.
- Flexible: Able to align the delivery of projects to customer expectations, and willing to change output on the fly based on customer feedback.
- Responsive: Quickly delivers quality work and addresses customer feedback with promptness.

For a sample of some of Nathan's professional voice over work, find him on IMDB at


Price to be negotiated based on project.

Please note, delivery can generally be completed within 48
hours notice per 50 lines. And optional advanced editing/processing is
available for $30 per hour required.


Nathan has completed work in Animation, Character, Commercial,
Dubbing, Prelay, Television, Video Games, and WALLA with companies such
as Artifex Mundi, Binari Sona, Blue Water Studios, Chinook Animation,
Cygames, and more.


Casting Calls and Auditons

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