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I'm Soulgig, a hobbyist VA. I started voice acting around probably 10 years ago but my activity has been more localized around 5 years of time.

I started doing Voice Acting as a way to self express myself and to just let my feelings go. I've always been someone who has been more empathetic to people and I have always been drawn to the entertainment side of things on the Internet.

I've done many projects under many different directors, with more often than not, varied types of personalities.

Typically I tend to play more the protagonist type, the average joe/relatable character,  the more energetic characters that tend to yell a lot, or sometimes the lone wolf type.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to PM me!




Davon - Vira - Dimikira

Nickcca - Vamp the last soul - James W. Raven

Joashua Dewitt - Dear Children - Dear Children

Dylan - Pokémon Blackened Heart - Lamex32

Bonnie Callaghan - Disciples of Dante - Dani Green

Kace Everard - Time Keeper Tera - KeikoVA

Sonic the Hedgehog - Sonic X  Fandub - CLW Enertainment

Emoga & Riolu & Diglett - Emolga's Bizarre Adventure - Jibanyan A Rank

Ikuo Takabayashi - Another Fandub - Vocalized Mayhem

Mace - Dreamkeepers: Brotherly Love - Darkspeeds

Cooper - Shadow Fall: Into The Unknown Comic Drama - Shadow4one

Max - Paranatural Comic Dub - SpiderVersays

Makoto Naegi - Danganronpa Manga Dub - rjm324

Kokichi Oma & Monokid - DangaronpaV3 Fandub - Ruiksahara

Lock - Grim Tales from Down Below Fandub - Knaveforfave

Maruna - Kubera Fandub - Adversaria

For brevity the list has been shortened to roles that have produced content. If you wish for a more complete list, please contact me.


Soulgig is a dedicated voice actor, director, and audio editor. Any project he has a hand in creating will be undoubtedly high quality, and consistently punctual. Working with him in my own dubs has been a treat and he’s the man to go to if you’re eager to be a part of quality content. - Adversaria

Casting Calls and Auditons

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