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Ryan has the desirable ability to breathe life into any character thrown his way. He has an impressive vocal range and can believably record voices for all ages, from babies to elderly men. With a diversity of accents at his disposal Ryan can transform his dialect to cater to your needs. He has voiced an assortment of characters for animations and video games including drunken pirates, mad scientists, war commanders, super villains and woodland fairies! 

Ryan's voice is distinct, adaptable, engaging, characterful, genuine, enticing, smooth, elusive and perfect for storytelling and narration. Ryan can sound naturally upbeat, Youthful and appealing which easily relates with a modern audience. 

Fully devoted to every recording he works on Ryan's dedication, drive and experience will add that extra flare of professionalism to your project. Collaboration is an important part of Ryan's work ethic and with a natural ability to understand and connect with his employer's vision he is a pleasure to work with.


100 words - $150
500 words - $200
1000 words - $300

All prices are negotiable, also happy to reduce set rates if voicing multiple characters. Please get in contact to discuss. 


inXile Entertainment 

Neocore Games 

Disney TV

EXOR Studios

Automaton Games

Eipic Games

Channel 4

Adventure Productions

Cinic Games

Psycho Games

Protoria Studios

Loreful Studios

Zenrok Studios

Onyx Breakers

SP Productions

Scyther Inc

Sure AI


"Ryan Laughton did an incredible job giving life and energy to the main character of our game, making everything from the tutorial to the final boss fight fun, entertaining, and clear. He is a patient and easy-going actor with a great sense of humor. A real pleasure to work with."

– Nathan Long – Head Writer “The Mage’s Tale” inXile Entertainment

 “Ryan has been both dedicated and professional on the multiple projects we have worked on. He always delivers above and beyond whatever I ask of him and is one of the most polite and cheerful voice artists I have had the pleasure to work with. Add to that his incredible range of voices and you have a must for every voice based project”

– Karl Dutton, Scyther Audio Dramas

 “A seminal British voice actor and an absolute pleasure to work with”

– George Burke, Dog Eats Stick Productions 

“Ryan embraced the role of Marco with gusto, for 2D RPG project “Dark Matter: Hudokai”. He was professional in recording the lines of the ragged sea dog, but also had fun with them, which was refreshing to hear. He injected the role with his enthusiastic personality, bringing the character to life from the varied takes recorded. As such, I would recommend him for any other voiced projects.”

– Edgar Duncan, Onyx Breakers.

"Ryan Laughton is an incredibly talented, nice and professional voice actor, strongly recommended!"

 - Zenrok Studios

Casting Calls and Auditons

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