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Hello there. On public servers I use the name "ricecake" (funny backstory as to why), while in groups or just private chats in general I often go by Thana. I mainly sing, preferably in Japanese, for Love Live! groups or collabs. I speak English fluently and sing in Japanese; I can voice-act in English but not in Japanese. 

I do this purely for my enjoyment and to meet others that share the same passion as me. Large groups with 10+ members do tend to overwhelm me, so I may not speak or interact with members of that chat. However, do not feel afraid to approach me if you'd like me to participate in a cover or group; I will most likely accept. The animes I'll sing for are Love Live! and Aikatsu Stars. 

I've been a Youtaite for about a year now and have been singing in the Love Live! community since June 4th, 2017. I manage and sing in Bittersweet Dreamers. I love the group and its members to death.


I do not expect to be paid for my vocals or voice-acting.


CyberStarburst - Sunset Sirens (Hanayo/Lyricist)

Casey Negative - Paranorm Chorus (Hanayo/Mari)

KaloRen - AI:Constellations (Hanayo/Chika)

KasuganoSenpai - Happy End (Vocalist/Animator)

Kaoru&Konori - Aqourtic (Ruby/Animator)

xHiddenxWhisperx - Kaguya no Shiro de Odoritai Cover (Kotori)

Maruyo - ☼shines! (Ruby)

UnicornKara - 9 Bowls of Rice (Hanayo)

xillball&rei - Aquyre (Hanayo/Ruby & Animator)

KasuganoSenpai - 🌸Cherry Chorus 🌸 (Animator)

Raspberri - Starlight Angels (Vocalist)

Cheiyun - Aurealis (Animator); [WSC'R1] (1st Place)

Eve - St. Snow Collab (Animator)

Maruyo - μsica𝓵! (Hanayo)

Kari - Magi Melorum (Animator)

Ayako - IcySun✩ (Hanayo/Ruby)

UnicornKara - LLSIF NORMAL COMPETITION! {LNC'R1} {LNC'R2} (Touou Academy; Fumi; Vocalist;Manager) {3RD PLACE!}

LunaFalls/IDOLTRASH - Trash Dash Collab (Hanayo)

Pancake - Partner Cup; R1 Entry (Vocalist/Animator; Partnered with lulu.anais)

Jas - 9 Starlights (Hanayo)

Kari - Mirai Ticket Collab (Ruby's Parts)

LunaFalls - Garasu no Hanzono Collab (Animator)

Phoenix271 - EternityRush (Animator)

KAiARI - Korekara Chorus (Animator/Backup Hanayo)

Illya - Memes in Idol Hell; BtSCC-R1BtSCC-R2BtSCC-R3 (Vocalist/Animator)

アリス/アレックス - Datte Datte Aa Mujou Collab (Kotori/Animator)

RuinTheRipper_ - Oracle Chorus (Hanayo/Ruby)

Jas/KD2002 - Intergalactic Disco Love Live! EN Ver. (Hanayo)

Hiragi.- No Brand Girls EN Cover (Hanayo)

Kait Lynn - Youtaite Masquerade 2018 (Vocalist)

Kait Lynn - Poke Chorus (Faitsu; Unova; Team Constellation) 

Valerie&CurePlum - BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! [English Fandub] (Rinko Shirokane)

BtSCC - Gwaveyawd-R4Gwaveyawd-R5 (Vocalist)

Kari - Water Blue New World EN Chorus (Ruby)

Ciel - Snow Angels (Hanayo/Ruby)

Please keep in mind that I have just started to use my Blue Yeti, so in some projects the older songs may have been recorded with my Blue Snowball (which caught a lot of echo.)



Casting Calls and Auditons

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