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Hey there! My name is Edwyn TIong and I have been working the voice acting craft online since 1999 - back when Youtube wasn’t even a thing! Back when high quality audio compression formats wasn’t a thing. Back when HIGH SPEED INTERNET wasn’t a thing. How did we even get anything done back then, yikes. 

Anyway, I cut my teeth primarily on radioplays and the occasional anime fandub, and my popularity as a go-to voice actor blew up when I entered the Newgrounds scene in about 2003 or 2004. Many other voice actor friends of mine also made the transition including Kira Buckland, Deven Mack, Kimlinh Tran, Jeremy Harrington, and more! You might recognise those names, as they’ve gone up in the world and are doing voiceover work professionally, now! My friends and I worked on a variety of flash animations and games in the several years we were active on Newgrounds, including XIN8-BIT THEATERSONIC: NAZO UNLEASHEDPARODY RANGERSTHE TRAPPED TRILOGY and GUINEA SOMETHING GOOD.

I eventually moved over to Youtube for projects which allowed me to participate in some great productions such as TOMESMASHTASMWONDERS OF THE UNIVERSESCREWATTACK’S DEATH BATTLETRUETAIL and FINAL FANTASY VII MACHINABRIDGED

Once on Youtube, I also started doing my own productions such as the VG CATS ADAPTATION WITH NO NAME comic dubs as well as other series with more irregular updates such as my “i fail game” or “NICE HOUSE :D” series. I’m currently doing more comic dubs of fancomics based on the video game OVERWATCH, but may go back to VG Cats AWNN one day, who knows?

At some point in the middle of all this, I was cast as the character Fuse in my first major, paid role in a little indie game called DUST: AN ELYSIAN TAIL which was nominated for several “Independent Game of the Year” awards back in 2012. Since that time, I’ve lent my voice to a variety of other video games including DETECTIVE GRIMOIREFREEDOM PLANETHEROES OF NEWERTHFEATHERBENTETERNALLY USZOMBIE VIKINGS and THE JOURNEY DOWN. And in addition to voice acting, I am currently providing writing duties and post-production sound editing for FREEDOM PLANET 2, which is due for release in 2017!

So yeah, that’s a quick summary of my journey as a creative thus far. Almost two decades worth of experience in a couple of paragraphs. I wonder where else tomorrow will take me? Let’s find out!




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