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------------------VOICE ACTING------------------

Hi, hi and hello! I'm Ohkaye, but everyone calls me Kay, and I am an aspiring Voice Actor! 

I've been working on and off as a voice actor for about a year due to health issues, but I'm always excited when I get to get back out on the internet and stretch my vocal chords for people. While I was mostly focusing on improving my singing for most of the first year I started, after finding this at the beginning of 2017 I couldn't help by try Voice Acting once more, while before I was on VAA instead of CCC I am finding the experience here to be just as pleasant. 

So far I have been in a few production which you can find listed down below to have a look at. I am mostly a lower ranged female voice, but I have been working on extending that range to make it greater, wider, faster, stronger. I've been known to mostly do Young Adults to Elderly women, but can also do a convincing young male (or more accurate prepubescent male). 

I love doing accents, I love practicing them. Some of my more refined accents are Southern American , I'd say Georgia specifically, Northern American and, for a campier vibe, I'm pretty good at a Valley Girl. While I am still working on my British and French accents and they're....uh...coming along--to put it nicely. 

Please do not hesitate to get in contact to have me try out for a part in one of your casting calls! I'm always delighted to give new things a try, even if they're outside of my comfort zone, so I'll be happy to give you my best audition. 


Other than voice acting, I am an author. I've been very committed to just writing books--and, to be honest, that's all I knew how to write before I decided I wanted to try my hand at directing. Currently I am working on a Sims 2 VO Series. 

You can check that our here once it's published! 

I'm hoping to start up more projects on top of this and really get into script writing, refining the skill a bit more before I take on anything extremely hard to do, like full blown animation of a series. 

I am also currently working on finishing my first YA Novel, I'll be ecstatic when I'm finally able to put the link to that here as well, but for now I won't post spoilers about it. 

------------------ABOUT ME------------------

My name is Kay in real life and I am sick most of the time giving me ample room to try out new hobbies such as this. I'm  from the East Coast (Northern by birth, southern by childhood), and I absolutely love all thing creative and beautiful. I love being able to draw new things or sketch out ideas and I've always been dedicated to the projects I've started, even if I get ill while I'm trying to finish it up. 

Thanks for reading! Send me a PM if you have any questions or need any help with anything. 


Willing to work with any director when dealing with payment, though I'm am fine for just doing this for fre


|                 TITLE                 |                DIRECTOR         |           ROLE                |            LINK          |
|       A Witch's Curse       |                 rabitt                |       Janice Zhou       |             NP             |
|             T.I.T.A.N.S              |          tygerofmagi          |             Raven             |             NP            |
|      Birth of Mewtwo       |                drillsoul            |      Madam Boss      |            NP             |
|        Sanity Circus          |      alpha-avery-cross    |     Mrs. Grimshaw   |            NP             |
|      A Zombie SFM          |               gladiusg             |      Best Friend         |            NP             |
|    Dissidia  Duodecim  |    The Oblivion Savior    |         Ultimecia         |            NP             |
|   Skies Over Ghirapur  |        gendoukeshi            |             Ukti                |  goo.gl/qBwCTo  |
|            11eyes              |            Mott Scurry         |     Saiko Akamine    |          NP           |



Casting Calls and Auditons

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