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I'm an aspiring voice actor, currently taking voice acting lessons to improve my skills and hopefully make a demo reel soon. Please call me Euna or Aki. I'm looking forward to joining in a few projects with you and gain some experience under my belt to help me grow.

There are a few projects I will not do without payment, including Minecraft and roleplays, as well as some projects I will flat out not participate in, such as those that are exclusively just NSFW material.

I first began pursuing voice acting when I was presented with an assignment to make a two year project out of my passions. I started it later last year when I finally sign up for a few classes to try it all myself. So far I've made plenty progress and have been testing out my skills in the auditions that I do!

I'm ALWAYS open for advice, and I do know that my equipment is not the best, so if you have any recommendations or advice to give to me, such as how to decrease background noise/breathing noises picked up by the mic, better recording equipment, or singing/acting advice, don't hesitate to shoot me a message!

I look forward to being acquainted with you all in the projects I audition for! 

Crediting in projects; please direct to my website (sandycan.weebly.com) or any of my social media accounts 

Twitter; @msparadoxspace
Instagram; @missparadoxspace
Tumblr; @missparadoxspace

Any formal projects; Please privately message me for my email, and I will do my best to provide you with professional high-quality recording.

I do have access to a formal studio set-up (at the studio where I take my vocal/acting lessons) but I would only like to use it as a last resort or for professional/paid takes, or by the request of the director/creator of the project.


Negotiable depending on the type of project, size of project, quality of requested audio, and the amount of lines!

I would like this to be an interaction where both parties are satisfied with the final result! If there are any problems with my recording, please notify me and I will do my best to fix the issue.


Projects I've been a part of;


Casting Calls and Auditons

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