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(-^.^-) Salutations Everyone (-^.^-)

THIS IS A LOOOONNNNGGGG OVERDUE INTRODUCTION *cough but better late then never right cough cough HACK!* 

Thank you so much for stopping by! My name is Kenkoy, an aspiring voice actress since November 3, 2016. I joined voiceover work pretty late in my life, but I've been working hard to make up for lost time!  I still have a ways to go... but my journey is FAR from over! I've met so many wonderful people in the VO Community, learned many things from my fellow peers and on my own, and I'm just barely getting started~

My typical voice niche falls within the mid-high to low category, best for voicing motherly/nurturing/caring characters to seductive/stern teacher-like roles, but I'm always willing to voice different kinds of characters of all ranges! From young and teenage girls to hardened heroes, formal narrator/secretary roles, and beyond! If you think my voice would be a good match for your project, I'd be honor to give it everything I got ;3

Till we meet again (in perhaps your next project hehe) I hope you have a wonderful Good Morning, Afternoon, and Night~



- Base rate would be $3-4 per line, pricing can ALWAYS be negotiated!

- However, if I audition for a project that specifies that it's "Unpaid" then there would be no need to pay me (working for experience is just as important too).

- Projects that I am currently in prior to the date need not worry about payment, only afterwards will it take in effect for new projects I'm in.


*Call of Duty: World at War Zombie Mod created by BashTheOutcast   -   Eva Norton
Fallout: New California created by Radian-Helix Medias   -   Jenn Hail
*Sonic Adventure Re Voiced Mod created by Seannybravo   -   Narrator/Female Announcer

*Guardians (Destiny Machinima) created by Knife Bomb   -   Liz
*Team Titan (Destiny Machinima) created by Zeon Remnants   -   Dove
From the Ashes: Destiny 2 Machinima created by TempestKnight 16   -   Robyn Shepard/Dove- Season 1, Ep. 8 - onward

Auto Heart: Vocaloid Audio Drama created by LenRinTwin  -   Host Mother- Ep.2 - onward
*Pokemon: The Nuzlocke Chronicles created by Nuzlocke Nation  -   Mae/Rose/Sophie/Beatrice

*Super Danganronpa Another 2 created by LINUJ   -   Rei Mekaru

Undertale Determination: Dubbed created by geek2games   -   Frisk/Narrator/Kindness

Stardew Valley Dubs - Romantic Hookup created and dubbed w/ SPD64   -   Female Farmer MC

Sonic The Hedgehog: Shadow's Christmas by WhiteRaven4, dubbed w/ DarkCloudVA   -   Maria Robotnik
Predatortale created by Foxy-Sierra, dubbed w/ GameCubeDude100   -   Toriel
*Living Coffin: Undertale Comic created by IvyLeafTea, dubbed w/ GameCubeDude100  -   Toriel
Be a Better Sheep: BATIM created by Alice-Angel-Ask, dubbed w/ Salted Voices   -   Alice Angel

Mystic Messenger   -   Fanfiction Dub   -   Rika


*Danganronpa: Twisted Truths   -   Kirei Sato

Fel and Cubby Go to a New Site created by Feltheleb   -   Brandy the Bear

*Shin Danganronpa: Sinful Rhapsody created by Nanatsumi   -   Yui Kagami

Dynasty Warriors 8 Abridged Series created by DW8 Abridged   -   Lianshi/Lu Lingqi

A Sailor Moon Parody Thing created by PatrickT173   -   Ikuko/Haruna/Monster/Extras

FF13 Hope and Vanille on Pulse w/ Nikko TheRealEternal   -   Vanille
Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Cast Reveal Trailer   -   Kuroyukihime
KH 2 The Stolen Something w/ Nikko TheRealEternal   -   Olette
Blazblue Central Fiction Astral Heats w/ SolStrifeVA   -   Litchi Faye Ling
Drakengard 3 w/ SyreneFaroreVA   -   One

Persona Q   -   Fan Dub Project   -   Yukari
Persona 4 Ultimax Instant Kill w/ Brooklyn Dizzy   -   Marie
Project X Zone 2 w/ Brooklyn Dizzy    -   Leanne
*Danganronpa   -   Fan Dub Project   -   Junko Endoshima
*Super Danganronpa 2   -   Fan Dub Project   -   Sonia Nevermind/Junko Endoshima
Fire Emblem Fates Critical Hits w/ Brooklyn Dizzy   -   Female Corrin
Persona 5 Fandub Episode 1 w/ Brooklyn Dizzy   -   Ann Takamaki
Persona 5 Character Trailers w/ Brooklyn Dizzy-   Ann Takamaki/Chihiya Mifune
Persona 3 Portable w/ SolStrifeVA   -   Female Protagonist


"It's cause you are a million bucks girl, you are!" - Yenni Ann, 10/08/18

Casting Calls and Auditons

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