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I'm a voice actor based in the greater Seattle area.

I have a passion for creative media, and a love of performing. Use of the vocal instrument to bring characters, ideas and thoughts to life is something that's always appealed to my creative side, and I love expressing that creativity through acting and singing. I also have an extremely active and open imagination. I find that this allows me to get absorbed into virtually any fictional scenario, and makes for genuine-sounding vocal performances.

I've been interested in voice acting for years, and I began seriously pursuing that end through freelance Internet-based work in late 2013. Since then, I've been cast in several projects and read for numerous roles.




To whom it may concern, I came across Mr. Martin's demo reel while
searching for an eligible male voice actor to help us with our YouTube
project titled Gleedo. He was very approachable and extremely kind when
we asked if he would like to work with us. His audition was amazing and
we hired him on almost immediately.

We operate on a somewhat fast paced time schedule and Mr. Martin was
consistently available to correspond with us and keep up with the due
dates we assigned him. He offers a wide variety of versatility with his
delivery of lines, so hearing what he had to offer was always fresh.
We're a picky bunch at SimgmProductions, but Mr. Martin was always open
to changes and took in constructive criticism very well. He is one of
the most cooperative voice actors we have ever brought on with us.

I would highly recommend hiring Mr. Martin if you're seeking quality
voice acting as well as a hard working employee. If you need further
information, feel free to contact me at: [email protected]

My name is Jordan J. Scavone, I am the founder of World's Greatest
Adventurer Productions, an audio drama production company currently
producing two shows. I have had the pleasure of working with Joey on one
of my shows, Genesis; a superhero audio drama in which Joey portrays my
lead role Justin Time. Working with Joey has been fantastic, not only
is he one of my most skilled voice over artists, he is one of the most
punctual, and will also go above what is asked for. He separates his
lines out making for easy mixing, separates his efforts and other sound
effects, such as snoring or yawning. He even creates separate files for
flubs and messes up for a blooper reel.

Aside from his work during the show, Joey is always one of the first
cast members to listen to a new episode, to promote the show on his
Facebook page and Twitter. I recall when episode one came out, Joey
Tweeted at a minor celebrity who reviews Superhero related things and
was able to get said individual to retweet the posting of our show.

On top of all of that, Joey has been a good friend to me, and someone I
know that I can trust and hope to work with as Genesis continues and
other projects down the line. His voice screams lead male, and his vocal
abilities lead himself to portraying a hero. Not only has he enhanced
my production, but every other piece Joey has lent his voice to has
improved. He is a true talent, who has a bright future if given an
-World's Greatest Adventurer Productions

Joey was cast to play a fairly minor part in Chapter 1 of my Original
Audiobook, Summer Reflection. However, despite his role, he still
pursued it in a professional manner. He was very quick to reply and
submit his lines. The speed of submission however, did not affect the
quality of the way in which he acted. His voice was clear and fit the
character as described. You could tell he'd put effort into making it
sound to the best of his ability. As well as this, his microphone
quality was clear with minimal problems at all. Aside from his acting,
Joey was responsive, and polite. Overall, he was great to work with and I
would happily refer him to anyone who has a character fitting of his
-Hannah Blything (unaffiliated content producer)

I have used Joey's voice acting talent before. He has a range of
capabilities when it comes to character development, and is easy to give
suggestions to and see the change from such suggestions. I have already
recommended Joey to other directors and producers in need of voice over
talent for his great work in my projects. He has never disappointed me.
-Jeff Fletcher (unaffiliated content producer)

Joey Martin is a very talented VA. He provided a number of voices for my
online web series DragonBall SQ . His quality is great, communication
great, and his performance and speed GREAT! If you're looking for a good
versatile voice actor, Joey is a great option!
-DeAndre Moffett (unaffiliated content producer)

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