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Welcome to my page. 

My name is Jessie Yun, a High School Student living in South Korea. I'm 18 (in USA), and I have a mid-low voice so it's more suitable for young adult lead/supporting characters. (I also can do girlish high voice if you'd like me to.) Since 2014, I have previously done many projects in the past, including voice drama, audiobooks, animated series, and so on. If you want me to voice act for you, I'd be happy to record for you with passion and enthusiasm as your loyal member.

Projects I've worked on:

"Librivox" PD Audiobooks Reader (Sep. 2014 - Nov. 2015)

"A Christmas Carol" Audio Drama (May 2015 - Feb. 2016)

"Flying Taxi" Game Voice-over (Nov. 2016)

"Magic The Gathering Collaboration" Animation (Aug. 2017 - Dec. 2017)

BRIGHT SIDE Korea (Nov. 2018 - Feb. 2019)

Projects I'm working on since recently:

"Team Pi" Animation Series (Jul. 2017 - Present)

"Newgrounds Audio Portal 15th Anniversary Audio Drama Collab" (Aug. 2017 - Present)

"The Tale Of Cosgal" Audio Project (Aug. 2017 - Present)

"Game Collaboration" Voice-over (Aug. 2017 - Present)

"Spark Ball" Animation Series (Oct. 2017 - Present)

"Light vs Shadow" Manga English Dubbing Voice-over (Oct. 2017)

"Short Animation Project" (Nov. 2017)

"Super Mario Odyssey" (Dec. 2017)

"Origins Untold" : Herobrine Origins Prequel Film (Dec. 2017 - Present)

"Spider-Man" : Fan Film Series Season 2 (Feb. 2018 - Present) 
"Nightingale and the Seal of Solomon" Audio Drama (Mar. 2018) 
"Hinata vs Sakura" Animation (Mar. 2018) 
"DEFENDERS" : Animated Series (Feb. 2018 - Present)

"Pets On Their Own" : Animated Series (Oct. 2018 - Present)
BabyBus Corp. (Dec. 2018 - Present)


Both non-paid and paid projects available.


EliteProductions - Voice Actress, Writer, Composer
Team Pi Animation Series
Peven Factory
Drossel Moon Studios - Writer
TheSoul Publishing (BRIGHT SIDE) - Voice Over Artist
Wooshii Limited - Voice Over Artist
BabyBus Corp. - Voice Over Artist


"Jessie is a very dedicated and creative team member who not only provided voiceover work for Team Pi's main character but also contributed to the script and design process. She brings lots of positive energy to any team she joins, and I'm sure she will excel at any challenge. Her communication skills are amazing, and she always gets things done in a timely manner. I highly recommend Jessie for any future projects."

      - Director of Team Pi Animated Series

"My experience with Jessie has been truly unforgettable. Working with her was a pleasure as you could really feel how determinated she is, whatever project she has in her hands. I really wish more people had her same attitude of handling problems and find a quick solution, along with a positive attitude!"

      - Director of LAKOTA, A Sci-Fi Text Adventure Game

Casting Calls and Auditons

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