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    Voice Acting
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Hello! I'm Grizzly. I am half YouTuber, and half voice actor.

What I can do:

-Voice act

-Basic Video edits


-Write scripts

What I use

-USB microphone

-Movia Editor (Paid)

-Google docs for scripts

- Discord for communication/gmail

Why am I here?

A friend that I know showed me about this app where I can see what I like to do. Voice acting is one of my biggest dreams. I seen VA's on YouTube. The most ones I see/watch are gacha voice acted animations. They move so well and the VA's are outstanding, I just wish to make one.

Why choose me?

I can only take one project at a time for my full attention. I could take 2 but I may not be as active as I am with one. I have 2 projects of my own. One has been completed, and the other is just starting to be great. Therefor, I have great directing skills. If you go into my auditions, I have gotten almost every role I auditioned for.

Info about me!

I am 13 years old, about to be 14. I have a little bit of experience with some of my interest. Here's an example, for video editing, I use the basic edits. Combining audio, transitions, audio editing, and basic edits. (Text, camera movement, etc)


I have a brother, follow him! I play video games, roblox, Minecraft, Fnf, etc.




Casting Calls and Auditons